Amy Bowman
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BobbiLe N’Diaye

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun“

Pablo Picasso

My name is BobbiLe. Am I from the south? Did I spell my name correctly? Does BobbiLe rhyme with mobile? I am actually from St. Paul, Minnesota. My name is spelled correctly with a capital ‘L’ and only one ‘e’ and contrary to what phonetics would lead one to believe, it does not rhyme with mobile. The name was invented by my parents, who secretly had aspirations for me to become a famous country singer. [Insert jokes here!] Instead, I went and learned French and moved to France and Africa. Not quite the Nashville country road!

Jokes aside, I love my name. Almost as much as I do photography. I gravitate to images that focus on: detail, energy, movement and human emotion. My goal when creating a portrait is to enable the subject of my image to feel like we’re having a conversation. No camera. Just a conversation. This exchange of words and ideas leads to an organic interaction, an interaction that could potentially give the camera access to the soul. That access is an honor and is one of the things that makes me love photography. In addition to portraits, I also create fashion images. The use of color, light, patterns, texture and expression to portray a brand is a creative challenge that I enjoy. I’m more of a plain Jane when it comes to my personal style, but being a seamstress and having lived in France, I find a certain allure in the process of putting together a fashion image or fashion inspired portrait.

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