Brittney LaFond
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Dawn Martinson

“Art is the only food my soul requires”

The most important things in my life are family, art, food, and the constant drive for knowledge and personal growth.

For over two decades I have been a working artist in Minneapolis, MN with a variety of mediums. A few of these are; graphic design, photography, filmmaking, and writing. I have a passion for food as a photographer and amateur home chef, with a focus on whole foods and vegan cuisine.

I also practice and instruct as a fire flow artist, where I have performed locally and in the conclave at Burning Man with a local fire troupe. I have recently joined the Flow Arts Institute media team. They run six flow festivals around the country, including Flame, Fahrenheit, Kinetic, CampFire, FireDrums, and Pacific Fire Gathering.

I’m good at time management and finding that work/life balance. In my free time it would not be unusual to find me cuddled up with a good book, whether it be a tasty cookbook, a piece of fluffy fiction, or heady non-fiction. I find Joss Wedon brilliant, and would gladly hop a police box, were it to materialize in my general vicinity (a girl can dream).

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