Heather Domeier
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Heather Domeier

“Do or do not. There is no try.”



At my core I am an artist — creating art is in my blood. It feeds my soul, inspires me, and makes me feel alive. I bring joy and true passion to what I do, and you can see that in my work.

Photography lets me fulfill my need to create by capturing these special moments that will last a lifetime. It is the best feeling in the world when you hear how much someone loves a photo you’ve created and that they’ll cherish it forever. When you view that image, it can instantly transport you to that exact time and place and bring back the feelings you were having at that very moment — all from looking at that one image — and to me that’s an amazing thing! In my eyes photography is about the experience and the stories, not just about the pictures, because the stories behind the images are what makes them so powerful.

I feel that when you can do something that you’re passionate about every day, that is a gift. I would love to share my gift with you!

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