Luke McDonald
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Luke McDonald

“I can get obsessed by anything if I look at it long enough. That's the curse of being a photographer.

Irving Penn

I am a Twin Cities native whose interest in photography stems, in part, from having a grandfather/mentor who, as a photographer himself, was the self–designated documentarian of our family. He was both the participant and the observer, and as my hero, he helped shape my view of the world. I, too, am this participant/observer who seeks to impart information through my images that reflect this point of view.

I feel that my photographs are successful if the viewer finds the image outwardly interesting, while at the same time relates internally to what is being presented. I believe that clean, simple techniques often convey a complexity to a subject that is often missed when excess staging and 
techniques are introduced. The most important moments are frequently found in what I like to call, “what comes in-between.” That side-glance, shrug, or nervous laugh that the subject didn’t plan. If I can capture these moments then I have achieved my goal of showing what is true about a person, a scene, or a story.

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