Mariah Delich
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Mariah Delich

“She turned her can’ts into cans & her dreams into plans.”

Oh, hey how ya doin? My name is Mariah Delich. Born and raised a Minnesoootan, and you betcha I talk like one. I’m a portrait photographer from the Stillwater area who enjoys creating fun and simple portraits. I use natural light and usually shoot on location.

What I do during my free time? Uff–Da! Well, I love crafts, yoga and the outdoors. (Mainly in the summer. Winters are just a bit too chilly for me!)

Speakin’ of being chilly, I love scarfs! Some say I collect scarfs… but can you really have too many?

Oh, I sure love dogs as well. I have a small and sometimes crazy pup named Marvin.

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